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R. Perkerson – Garner, NC

“I was blessed to find a business card from Merrick some time after my parents had passed away.  I am not sure why I kept it, but it sure came in handy.  5 years later….. After many bumps in the road, I gave him a call!!  It was the best thing I have ever done. He handled the process every step of the way and I never had to leave my home or office.  Out of 5 stars, he gets 10!!!”

J. Peck – Cary, NC:

“Thank you for your courtesy & professionalism. You showed us what our options were outside of selling our house when everyone else just wanted the deed. Thanks for taking time to help us with the bank’s paperwork, even though I didn’t favor their response, we simply owed too much on our house, but you were able to make it work, buy our house anyway, and keep the foreclosure off our record. THANK YOU!”

T. Areh – Raleigh, NC:

“thank you for you help. We couldn’t keep our house without you!!!”

M. Micah – Raleigh, NC:

“No one else we talked to was as understanding, unjudgemental, or as HELPFUL as you were. I didn’t want to sell our house, but you made the process painless, thank you.”

– Update – “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We weren’t expecting a dime out of the sale of our house, but you showed up today with a check for $9,945! I can only assume this was from your profit, thank you so much!

Jones – Knightdale, NC:

“Thank you for your assistance in getting our bank to work with us, I had no idea the option we ended up with was available, the bank certainly didn’t tell me about it. Yeah, I got to keep my house!”

Patel – Raleigh, NC:

“You’re a pleasure to do business with. We had our house listed in Raleigh for almost 8 months before we received your card, thank you for purchasing it so quickly.”

Howard – Raleigh, NC:

“Foreclosure is an ugly monster, thank you for helping us keep our home, how can we ever repay you?”

Lyons – Raleigh, NC:

“Thank you for helping us negotiate a deal with our lender that we could live with.”

Stevens – Clayton, NC:

“Your definitely a man of your word. Thanks for your help, I would refer you to anyone who is looking to sell their house fast.”

Dowell – Knightdale, NC:

“Thank you for closing so quickly. In three months, that was the most fair offer we received on our mother’s house. I can’t wait to see it when the repairs are finished”

Toole – Raleigh, NC:

“When I saw your we buy houses sign, I was very skeptical. Now that the transaction is complete, I’d say that compassion & understanding are only a few of your strong points! Thank you!!!”

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